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Attorney Jay Urban files 34 more lawsuits regarding Imprelis and tree damage

In Uncategorized on April 5, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Another 34 homeowners filed lawsuits Thursday against DuPont in Waukesha County alleging that the chemical company’s herbicide Imprelis that was applied to their lawns last year has killed or is killing their trees.

 Imprelis has proved to be a “frighteningly effective tree killer,” the suits state, noting that shortly after DuPont began selling the herbicide “reports began emerging that trees located in proximity to Imprelis application sites were yellowing and dying.”

Coniferous trees such as pines or spruces are particularly susceptible to being damaged or killed by the herbicide, according to the lawsuits.

The suits were filed by attorney Jay A. Urban on behalf of the property owners.

“We are filing individual cases, not a class action, because we want DuPont to treat our homeowners individually and fairly,” Urban said.
DuPont is facing similar lawsuits across the country on Imprelis, which was first used in the fall of 2010, over tree death and damage.


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